Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Global Warming or Climate Change

Don't you just love playing with words?

Back in the seventies I believe the Earth was getting cooler. As we've progressed into the next century we've discovered that the Earth is actually getting warmer. Or is it?

Now "Climate Change" has entered the arena.

Well for all you 'armchair scientist' out there, (ah-em Al G...), the climate is always changing. Where I live, it's hot in the Summer, cool in the Winter, and pretty mild in the Fall and Spring. Some days it may be 30 degrees and others it may be 105. Yesterday it was raining and today it was sunny. So yes, there is definitely climate change.

I don't think it happened because my SUV has too high emissions or the cows in southern Alabama are playing their part in greenhouse gases. Maybe it has something to do with that's the way the Earth works. I mean it's been doing the same thing for millions of years.

Don't get me wrong. We should do everything we can to conserve and protect our home planet. But changing a few words around to suit your needs doesn't cut it for me.

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